Navigating Together

PlaceMate provides a range of support services for place discovery, conception and cooperative development. Connect with a consultant to explore options and gain perspective on suitable approaches, resources, and methods available based on your circumstance and requirements.

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Our basic inquiry leading to successful placement may go as follows:


How are you?! A casual introduction + orientation to the people, process, contexts, and possibilities of placematching.


Work on articulating specific guidelines that  inform a journey into place relationship and inhabitation.


Dive deeper to recognize qualities and articulate aims within complex global realities and the intimacy of place.


Combine insights to assess practical and prospective suitability of a variety of place/property candidates.


Explore tentative design pathways and constraints on select sites to resolve plans and expedite action.


Gather resources, make connections, get local know-how, prepare to arrive and thrive in your new place.