EcoRegions on the Cusp of Transition

New ways of life are prevailing across the continent, linking fresh ideas and futuristic technology with the abiding wisdom and strength of locally connected community under a framework of perennial principles. Facing an onslaught of rapid change amid rising threats to outdated systems and habits, the paradigm of Regenerative Culture presents a life-affirming vision of humans operating in harmony with the complex dynamics of the natural world. It’s no longer just idealistic thinking—this sweeping transformation is visible and tangible in promising pockets and emergent webs across the landscape today. From elegant built environments demonstrating smart habitat design, infrastructure and land stewardship, to the more subtle shaping of cultural and political landscapes, new patterns of organizing and operating invite exhilarating collective breakthroughs instead of reactively building barricades and buffers in fearful isolation.

Where is this transition gaining ground, and which areas are situated to weather the tide of cascading changes ahead? The map above highlights several portions of the continental US with notably advantageous circumstances and trends. Our work at PlaceMate is to collect and compile data and observations from many sources to factor into a comprehensive assessment of regional resilience and regeneration potential as a lens into the future of place-based wellbeing. In addition, we are developing an innovative personal profiling and matching process to help discerning citizens identify and assimilate unique local character and culture for an outstanding and lasting fit. We call this “placematching” and we think you’ll love the results!

We believe connecting people with totally enriching places to live, work, and thrive together is the most important and gratifying way to advance this essential seismic shift toward a future that serves all life. PlaceMate is an ambitious project to do just that on a large scale without sacrificing personalization, authenticity, and the pleasure of human-scale interaction. We will measure success when anyone can access the tools, insights, connections, and confidence to position themselves for a life of meaningful and supportive relationships with amazing peers in uniquely compelling places. Our ethos is open, equitable, integral, and collaborative. We’ve got a lot of exciting work and learning ahead of us. You too?! Stay tuned, and reach out if it sounds like YOUR future is calling.