Welcome to our Northeast pilot region!

From the lofty green Catskill mountains in the west, across the broad fertile mid-Hudson Valley, and up the scenic slopes of the Taconic range into the Berkshires, we think this is one of the sweetest places on Earth, and it’s just getting better with time.

There’s a lot going on here, as you can see. Each valley and village holds it’s own character and unique appeal. Stories and relationships go back generations, even as waves of change and newcomers sweep through. The region is defined by its rural landscapes and extraordinary natural beauty. All part of the natural heritage of this place, tended for millennia, and recognized as a major asset to be celebrated and preserved.

At the same time, being only an hour or two from some of the largest most dynamic cities in the western hemisphere, the influence of sophisticated design, technology, and progressive culture is profound. With these powerful forces intersecting in the midst of vibrant natural surroundings, at a time when disruptive change is echoing around the planet, what does the future hold here?!

In order to really demystify local conditions and current trends, we’ve begun assimilating data from many sources on top of direct personal experience and cumulative wisdom to present a rich and revealing picture. Our aim is to utilize this information to help individuals, organizations, and communities to envision, plan, and take action towards optimal sustainable habitation here for years.

Through the lens of thrivability we seek to gauge in detail across four primary dimensions a range of factors, features, themes and mechanisms that support truly fulfilling and generative lives of well-being and substantive relationship as part of a greater whole.

For starters, we’re helping people identify their short and long term needs and interests in relation to these comprehensive location profiles, to look for an ideal match. More about all this soon, as we develop and test our matching process and regional database. At the moment, if you are looking to purchase rural property and wish to gain valuable insights about potential locations and utilization for sustainable living, please reach out and see what we can do for you!